Saturday, January 19, 2008

Homes for Sale in Eagle Ridge

Hello everyone,

Thanks to the help of my Eagle Ridge Neighbor, Tom, I am able to now offer the a very easy way for people to view all homes for sale in Eagle Ridge.

I searched all over, and found out the most complete mapping of homes for sale, with the best interface avaiable. This is rather new technology, and it finally arrived. I had a client ask me about this maybe 3 years ago, so I am glad the software gurus that are out there got onto it, and built something.

I have checked other agent's websites (I'm sure they're tracking mine...) and in the battle of websites, this mapping/MLS search tool is the best out there. It was truly worth the money invested. The initial response from my fellow agents has been incredible. It also allows for searches in areas other than Eagle Ridge...

Also, pay a visit to our other website for some great stuff about the wonderful neighborhood of Eagle Ridge.

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